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Annalisa Cosplay

I'm glad to introduce Annalisa to you ^9^

"I’m a very fun and spontaneous girl. My life deals mainly with study but I devote a lot of time to my passions, i.e. cosplay and para-para. I feel it is a way out of normal life; moreover I like organising cultural events every now and then, as I consider it a way to rise through the ranks. Actually I would like to do something similar in the future."

Fuu – Samurai Champloo .
"This costume, in spite of being easy, has taken me quite a lot of time to make due to the choice of pink tissue, since I never found the right tone!! However I can use it as a normal summer yukata, it is very versatile *_*! "

Xia – Beatmania IIDX Happy Sky .
"I’ve always been very fond of Bemanis (music games by Konami), this is a character I'm very bond to because I love the colors of her outfit!"

Padme Amidala – Star Wars Ep I .
" I love the Star Wars saga and one day I decided to make Queen Padme’s dress! The most interesting part is, in my opinion, the cape, which I hand-coloured!"

Puchiko – Digi Charat .
"This is my first cosplay, the most difficult point was the hat, that in the end turned out as the most beautiful part of this outfit!"

Buletta – Darkstalkers .
" I feel to be alike this character, due to its double personality: quiet and cute or evil and ruthless?"

Tsubaki – Kotetsu Shin Jeeg.
"This is a very new character, from the mini-series Shin Jeeg, that is a modern remake of the old Kotetsu Jeeg."

Name: Annalisa

Nick: Puchiko

Nationality: Italian

Birthday: March 1st

Age: 21

Height: 1.55

Occupation: Student of Economics at the University of Turin

What’s your hobby?
Costume and fashion designing, traveling, painting and drawing, singing, dancing, music, art, web designing, organising events.

Favorite color: blue. pink, orange

Favorite food: pizza, tiramisù

Favorite movie: Moon Child, Battle Royale, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Nightmare Before Christmast, Coming to America, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

Favorite book: Kitchen (Banana Yoshimoto), The name of the Rose (Umberto Eco)

Favorite song: I have many fave songs but it depends on the moment and the mood.

Favorite music/artist/band: My favorite music genres are J-music, Eurobeat, Cyber Trance, Hyper Techno, but I usually listen to everything on the air.

What’s your favorite subject in the school? Economics

What is your favorite anime-manga character?
There are many, but I would like to suggest the one I picked my nickname from, Puchiko from DigiCharat.

What was your first cosplay? Why?
My first cosplay was indeed Puchiko from the DigiCharat anime, it’s one of my fave characters and I feel alike to this person.

When did you make your first cosplay?
I made my first appearance in April 2005, at TorinoComics (Turin, Italy).

What’s your favorite cosplay?
That’s kind of a hard question but I believe my favorite cosplay is May from Guilty Gear! It’s really easy to travel with it and it’s fun to make photo shoots with her huge anchor!

What is the most difficult thing making a cosplay?
The longest and hardest part to make is the costume itself; I always find someone willing to help with armors and accessories.

Have you ever been in anime events?
Yeah, many times! *O*

What was your best experience wearing a cosplay?
I had a lot of fun during the Miss Cosplay event in 2006, at the Festival del Fumetto. I had to wear two costumes and get changed in a short time; but I had a lot of fun nevertheless.

What do you feel when your cosplay is done?
I really feel happy and content! I usually take a photo and send it to my dearest friends asking for their opinion! X°D

In your own words: What does mean to be a”cosplayer”?
In my opinion, the cosplayer is someone who, for different reasons (different for each cosplayer), begins cosplaying, that is making costumes of characters from manga, anime, videogames, etc. They can be considered as artists, because they unite for their creations many arts and crafts; or we can speak of the cosplayer as a model posing in front of cameras. I think it’s a very peculiar idea, not to be shrunk to categories, that can be truly defined only by the word “cosplayer” itself.

Do you think that it is okay that someone hires a person in order to make a cosplay?
I think that’s right, because not everyone is able to create a costume out of nothing. To make a cosplay means to wear the clothes of a character we like; that does not forbid to have costumes and accessories done. I can sew but are less gifted with weapons and accessories, so I ask for help by someone else who is more expert than me!

What is your next project?
My very next cosplay will be a renowned version of Lark, from Diebuster!, but my next all-new costume will be Mackenzie from Touch Detective.

What do you good at??
Nice question! I admit I am not tall and I look like a little girl, especially because of my face, so I usually choose cute characters such as girls but I don't get influenced too much. If I like a character I try to be similar to it, in spite of height of hair color. (Fortunately there are very good wigs! :P).

Do you have problems with your parents when you are interested in cosplay?
I have no problem with my parents, as they think it is an interesting activity.

Do your parents against your projects?
Usually they approve or respect my projects, they let me do what I want. *O*

Is it challenged for you to make cosplay with many details?
It is a challenge I gladly accept! Many times I redo costumes because they aren't as I wanted them, details are really important to me but I'm no maniac. What is essential is to make a good cosplay trying to be as faithful as possible to the original.
I think perfection is obtained with more commitment and time!

What do you usually do at the moment to choose a character?
The choice of the cosplay usually takes place like this: I find a character I’m interested in while playing a videogame, watching an anime, reading a manga, watching a movie, etc..., then I add it to my list of future cosplays only if I like their personality (are they similar to me or do they represent what I’d like to be?) and if they have a costume I’d like to wear. Then they are added to this list of costumes I’d like to make according to the money I have and the event I want to wear the costume at.

What would you do if you won an award for the best cosplay in your city?
I’d be very happy, I suppose! *O*

Have you ever made in group a cosplay? Why?
Yeah, I participated in many cosplay groups, it was a lot of fun. I think that taking part to groups is very interesting and enables to share the emotion of treading the stage with others.

Are you looking forward to be in the next cosplay event??
Yes, I can’t wait to wear the new costumes I’m making! *O*

Is there anything else you'd like to add?
This interview has been quite nice, the questions were original! Congrats!


"It's my personal website, where I try to gather photos of my costumes but also my other passions; I also see it as a mirror of my inner self. I set a radio-blog up and I periodically change its playlist according to my tastes.
I've tried to make my site more international lately by having it translated, because I'm interested in the comparison with people all around the world, hoping they can help me to become a better person! I also hope to add soon more galleries of my costume ;_; unfortunately photos taken during events are not always good!"

Thank you Annalisa!!!

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