Saturday, February 27, 2010

Arisa Mizuhara Cosplay

Dejiko - DiGi Charat

Maga Oscura- Yu-Gi-Oh!

Belldandy- Oh! My Goddess

Edward Elric- Full Metal Alchemist

Inuyasha- Inuyasha

Shimako Toudou- Maria sama ga Miteru

Kagamine Len- Vocaloid2

Felicia- Darkstalkers

Pastel Ink- Moetan

Chii (pink)-Chobits

Name:水原ありさ Arisa Mizuhara

Nick:ありさ Arisa

Nationality:日本 japan

Occupation:銀行員 Banker

Birthday: 11.22

Height: 165cm

Favorite Color:赤/コバルトブルー Red/Cobalt blue

Favorite movie:ロードオブザリングシリーズ The Lord of the Rings

Band / artist favorite music:ラルクアンシエル/ユーロビート L'Arc〜en〜Ciel / EUROBEAT

Food and drink:コーヒー coffee

Hobby:コスプレ^-^ cosplay

Favorite anime series:銀魂/axispowersヘタリア gintama/Axis powers HETALIA

Favorite Manga:銀魂 gintama

How many costumes did you make?
約100コスチュームです。 About 100 costumes.

Which is your favorite one?
デジコ(デジキャラット) DEJIKO(Di Gi Charat.

How and how long are you in the world of cosplay?
約10年です。 About 10 years.

What is your inspiration to make cosplay?
好きなキャラクターを見て魅力を感じたらコスプレをします!^-^ When I see a anime and I like the character I usually make cosplay.

What was your first cosplay and why?
同人誌即売会で【デジコ】のコスプレをしている人がとてもキュートで!自分も【デジコ】の服を作ってみたくなりました。When I saw a cosplayer who was cosplaying [DEJIKO]in
the literary coterie magazine spot sale association, I wanted to tried it because it was very cute! So I want to make Dejiko cosplay.

Why do you make cosplay?
Because I like anime and make my own clothes.

When you make cosplay, do you really identify the character?
Well, almost all the time I make costume play about a my favorite characters. But I give up about those characters who don't suit me though.

Do You think it's necessary to act like the character when you are making a cosplay? キャラクターの特徴的な動きや表情を演技することは大事だと思います。なるべくキャラクターになりきって写真を撮るように気をつけています。
I think is important to feature movement and the expression of the character. It is important to look as the character in the photographies.

Have you ever participated in cosplay contests?
いいえ。コンテストとか競い合うのは苦手なので出たことはありません。 No. I haven't ever been in contests, because it's not good.

Have you ever won on cosplay contests?
いいえ。参加していないので。 No.I haven't ever participate.

When you make your costumes, do you need some help?
My mother and some friends occasionally help me.

Where do you buy your wigs and other accessories?
Wigs 【zephyr(】 wig【シペラス(】

What is your favorite fabric? 化繊系の布地が使いやすいです。It calls 【chemical fiber】 system, because it's easy to use.

What was your last costume? 冥土へ誘うものアイリ【クイーンズブレイド】

What is your definition of "cosplayer"?
I think a cosplayer is someone who is happy what she or he is. Someone who enjoys making herself/himself clothes about his/herfavorite characters.

What is your next project?
Mio Akiyama【Keion!】/Yui Hirasawa【Keion!】/ Miku Hatune【VOCALOID】/UK(Britannia Angel version】 【HETALIA】

What advice would you give to all new cosplayers?
The most important thing is to be happy when you are cosplaying. It doesn't matter if we fail because we are not professional. If you are happy, is enough.

How has your life changed now that you are considered the best cosplayer in the world?
Costume Play is like a work for me now. Because of cosplay, I was able to meet great cosplays from different countries and that makes me really happy.

What would you tell to your fans around the world?
I also see many cosplays of people around the world and that makes me very happy. I wish to express my gratitude for loving (Japan) anime. Thank you.

Thank you a lot dear Arisa, for give us your time in this interview.

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Kc said...

Arisa's chii cosplay is the best *-*

Anonymous said...

Hooo 3lla 3s muy h3rmosa, y ti3n3 unos cosplay muy lindos!!!!c

Yuna said...

nyaa arisa es tar hermosa y una persona muy amable y linda !! espero no se hayan tenido problemas por la traduccion ya ke esta komo ella me lo paso jj

Ceres Maxwell said...

arisa es fantistica sugoi por la entrevista que de seguro fue dificil de conseguir porque ella a de estar ocupada...cierto kace tas renovando tu otro blog pork ya no puedo acceder o me bloqueaste si es asi quisiera saber porque

Nanase!~ said...

Arisa es super famosa!!
Genial esta entrevista!! Gracias!! *O*

Yuna said...

lo complikado fue el asunto del idioma, por ke ambas tenemos un ingles muy basiko, pero, no fue un impedimento por ke pro traductor ella pudo acceder a la entrevista. Este fue un regalo de mi parte para la comunidad cosplayer de Latinoamerica.
Aver si algun rato publico los mail ke nos mandamos *_*.